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Overview:  EUROGIA2020 has been created to promote trans-national energy related projects (Biomass, wind, hydro, solar, oil and gas) and enabling technologies (CCS, energy efficiency, processes, new materials, etc). This initiative started in 2008 has successfully promoted 200 million Euros worth of research projects in the EUREKA countries until June 2013.

Goal:  EUROGIA2020 goal is to support and promote international partnerships developing innovative projects in low-carbon energy technologies.

Eligibility: Any SME, LE, university and research institute based in EUREKA member countries.

Project Partners:            

  • Partners of at least two EUREKA member countries
  • Cost distribution is equilibrated (i.e. max. 65% in one country)
  • Typically 3-4 partners from 2-3 countries

Project Submission Process:

The first phase will be to complete and submit a Project Outline (PO) of maximum 15 pages. The project coordinator is invited to present it through a 20 minutes oral presentation in front of the Technical Committee and it will be followed by 20 minutes questioning.

Second phase: Upon a successful evaluation of the PO by the Technical Commitee, and based on the feedback from concerned Public Authorities, the applicants will be invited to fill in and submit a Full Project Proposal (FPP). 

Financial Support:   EUROGIA2020 label enables project participants to apply for funding in their respective countries.

EUROGIA2020 Public Authorities committee composed of the members of funding agencies or institutions of EUREKA Member States, are informed from the first phase of project submission to facilitate the access of project partners to national funding.

Time Frame:

  • Four cut off dates per year.
  • From applicaton to receiving EUROGIA2020 label: min. 3 months
  • Project duration from 2 – 4 years.

EUROGIA2020 Supporting countries:  EUROGIA2020 is supported by 19 countries; Austria, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Israel, Monaco, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, South Africa,Turkey and UK and in collaboration with other Eureka Member Countries.

Most active countries in terms of submitting proposals are France, Spain, Germany, Norway , Turkey and UK.

Project Submission Calendar:                                       

Next Cut-off dates:   May 25, 2015

                                  September 18, 2015

Key Figures

  • 11 Board Members: 9 LE, 2 SME, 6 countries
  • 19 Supporting Countries; 6 very active
  • 25 Project evaluation meetings
  • 40 International Experts
  • 25 Countries involved
  • 400 Partners (45% SME, 30% LE, 25% U)
  • 33 Projects Labeled/ 5 Not-funded
  • Budget: POs = 400 M€; labeled = 200 M€

Board Member Companies: Acciona Energia, Airbus Innovation, Bureau Veritas, Cardtek Group,DCNS, GE Oil&Gas, GdFSuez, MIB, SAFT, SIEMENS,TECHNIP, Volta